May. 25th, 2014

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In which Seymour's bachelor party goes awry in the worst possible way and I continue to be the most negligent crossposter ever.

Last time we were on our way to rendezvous with Seymour at Old Meme Temple when Tromell showed up to isolate her from her guardians for reasons that were, I am sure, perfectly scrupulous. However, Kidnapping Attempt A was immediately countered by Kidnapping Attempt B from an Al Bhed motorcycle gang. Everybody jumps into the fray like it’s Christmas 1983 and Yuna is the last Cabbage Patch doll.
(Incidentally, Cabbage Patch Yuna would be the cutest thing.)

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I've been kind of neglecting my DW journal recently but everything that happens seems to happen on tumblr these days, and I don't really have anything interesting to share about my life. I've been trying to train myself to draw using on my bamboo tablet instead of a physical paper sketch first because I think that will make Guardian a lot easier. It's tricky but less difficult than I thought it would be. Having a blank computer image open is a lot more intimidating than a blank sheet of paper, but I'm starting to get the hang of it I think.

I did this a few days ago and I really like the way it came out:

Night Owl by DippyWerewolf on deviantART

(I'm still super lazy about backgrounds. There was going to be a bookshelf behind her and then I didn't want to draw it. So now there is just a wall.)

I also attempted a completely digital speedpainting for the first time too:

Out There by DippyWerewolf on deviantART

It ended up taking about five hours, which isn't exactly speedy, but that's a lot faster than it usually takes me to finish a piece. The no-lines approach was new for me too and kind of fun.

Anyway! There's a whole crowd of relatives here for Memorial Day and I really should go socialize but I've been stalling. :/

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