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A few weeks ago I had a very involved dream that I was a college student moving into a house on-campus (which I never did irl) and my roommates let me have the entire attic bedroom to myself because it was rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a student who had died there. In daylight I decided that having a ghost roommate was better than having a human one, but once night came I remember the paralyzing terror of waiting to see if she would appear, and if it was going to be horrifying when she did. For the first few days she only made herself known by moving my things around and messing with my electronics, and finally I couldn't stand the anxiety of that any more and invited her to show herself.

I was expecting she would bear the evidence of her death like the ghosts in The Sixth Sense or something and it would be really creepy but she just looked like she did when she was alive. Early 2000's punk/goth girl, rocking a Hot Topic corset top, kind of witchy silver jewelry, dyed black hair with blue streaks, heavy black eyeliner, etc. (I found out later that she had been dressed up for a date when she died.)  Kind of Too Cool For Me in both appearance and temperament, but once I expressed a desire to help her she started to become more friendly. All the previous occupants of the room tended to leave screaming as soon as they knew the place was haunted, so she had given up on trying to communicate some years ago and just amused herself doing ghosty things. Her name was Morgan, and I feel like I knew her last name too because I ended up having to look her up in the school database but I don't remember what it was now.

She revealed that she had not, as was officially believed, committed suicide, but that she had been most treacherously murdered by a professor she had been illicitly dating. The relationship had been taking a downward turn, they got in an argument, and she threatened to reveal their affair, so he killed her. She was disgusted to find out that the same professor was still teaching there, and probably still taking advantage of students. So we devised a plan to get revenge on him by tanking his career and exposing his misdeeds to everyone. I don't remember all the details now, but it went on for several weeks of dream time, during which our friendship evolved into casual flirting, and with a vague sense of both joy and despair I realized I was falling in love with a ghost.

I miss her now that I'm awake. I have dreams like this every so often. It's always a different setting and scenario with its own story, and we're always meeting for the first time. She tends to look a little different every time and have a different name, but after meeting her I always have this spark of soul-deep recognition. Oh, it's you! Maybe somewhere in some world there's someone else, dreaming of meeting me?

At any rate I have this accumulated stockpile of dreamed meet-cute (or meet-weird) scenarios that would make good story/comic leads if I ever had time to write them. ;)

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I woke up early this morning (from an anxiety dream that some anonymous kid had taken apart my beloved scooter for fun to see how it worked and couldn't find all the pieces and I was very upset) so I decided to get up and Be Productive. Then the person I dogsit for every day texted to say that someone was home today and I didn't need to come let their dogs out so I had even more time to Be Productive! I got off to a running start coloring the most recent page of Guardian and optimistically thought that maybe I might even be able to get the entire thing finished today (usually coloring takes two days, sometimes more or less depending on complexity)!

Then around 11 I went downstairs for a moment, intending just to put something in the dishwasher, and discovered to my horror that the poor Roomba had run over something unspeakable left by a Naughty Cat and had dragged it around on the carpet. D:

So I took the Roomba outside, along with the keys to the shed so I could get the Crud Buster wipes my stepdad keeps out there, performed emergency robot surgery and decontamination, and then discovered that I had locked myself out of the house. D: D:

And that the keys on the shed keyring that everyone assumed fit the house locks do not, in fact, do that. D: D: D:

We do have a spare key outside, in a holder with a combination lock, but it has long since rusted shut and my mom put the replacement inside the garage, which was no help to me at the moment. (I also wasn't entirely sure of the combination, which I keep in a note on my phone, which was still on my desk, because I hadn't planned to be away for more than a few minutes. I knew it was 17-- something because it's the year that our house in Massachusetts was built, so I was planning to just go through the 18th century one year at a time until it opened. But none of the buttons were working.)

But by divine providence or climate change, it's been unseasonably warm this week (right on the heels of a week of brutal cold!) so I had, apparently also by divine providence, earlier opened one (1!) of the living room windows. I had to tear a little hole in the screen with the otherwise-useless keys to reach the little knob that releases the screen but I was able to get it out and climb in the window - literally breaking and entering into my own house.

So then I sent the Roomba back to its dock, shampooed the rug, and switched the torn screen out for one on a window we don't open very often. It wasn't even noon yet and my day had been WAY TOO EXCITING for me.

But I did, even after all that nonsense, manage to get the entire new page finished! So in the end I Was Productive as I had hoped to be.

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So I recently started playing Slime Rancher, because (mainly owing to the inexplicable reputation of Sassy Flan and my association with it) it seemed like the thing for me to do and I'd been looking forward to it graduating from early access, which it did this month. Now I can finally achieve my destiny as master of the Sass Ranch.

But honestly this game is the goshdarn cutest thing I've seen in a long time. Everything is so bright and squishy and friendly-looking and the slime designs are really, really endearing. The basic gameplay premise is that you - the heroine, Beatrix LeBeau - have traveled to an alien planet populated by slimes, and you make a living by exploring and collecting them and raising them on your ranch. (On a side note I really appreciate that the protagonist is a woman of color! Especially since the developers didn't have to make her look like anything at all; the game is almost entirely in first-person and they could have easily avoided some whiny backlash - which they are unfortunately getting from what I've seen, although hearteningly most players seem to really like her design!  - by going the faceless protagonist route and leaving unimaginative dudebros to picture themselves as yet another white, male, grizzled space marine or something. I like the deliberate push for diversity.)

These are my prized Tabby/Phosphor Slime hybrids. They eat fruit and bounce around and meow and are adorable.

((Edit I don't know why DW made two cut links here!! I can't get rid of them! Sorry about that.))
More Slimy Cuteness Under Here )More Slimy Cuteness Under Here )

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I was in a bad mood today and made a little tumblr post complaining about followers who are only following to glean content for their own blogs rather than interacting socially with the poster, which is one of my biggest tumblr pet peeves. It cost me four followers, and good riddance. I bet they were all blog scrapers. *throws a rock*

I'm going to start posting on DW more often. (Rather than just whining about how nobody uses DW anymore.)

Earlier today I had the windows open and heard a caterwauling that sounded like it was coming from outside. With a sense of "Ohhh no," I counted cats, and only found two. Out in the backyard I saw the cutest fluffy orange and white cat just browsing around casually among the violets, and James flattened down in the grass making the most godawful racket trying to scare it off. (He takes his job of guarding the homestead very seriously, but he's not very good at it.) The other cat was unimpressed.

I opened the back door to shoo the stranger cat away just in case of a turf war. James had his back to me and didn't see me, but the other cat took off right away, and he was SO PROUD of himself for having scared off the intruder. I grabbed him and brought him back inside before he could start chasing it and he strutted around for a while looking very pleased.

Then he got a bit too confident and tried to make a bid for Top Cat by swatting at Chloe, the reigning tiny tyrant, and she was similarly unimpressed. (And she is, at this moment, yelling at me to surrender my her desk chair, so I suppose it is time for bed.)

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Wooo Part 16 is here at last.

We rejoin Yuna spending her honeymoon alone in the Bevelle dungeons, which is probably still preferable to anything that Seymour was planning.

So to continue this I of course picked up the game again for the first time in kind of a while, and was just roaming around the Calm Lands collecting fiends for the batty old monster hunter guy and thinking of what to write for the next installment, and after a while I was like "Why does my face feel weird?" I realized it was because I had been sitting here with a big smile on my face for like the past hour, that's why, like ~ wow, what an amazing concept.~

I play a lot of games, and obviously this one is my favorite, but I don't think I get that kind of sustained happiness from any other game, (or much of anything else, really) even Skyrim, which I can play almost indefinitely. Of course, I'll probably feel differently when I get to Mt. Gagazet and have to fight Seymour again, but I have to say it's pretty nice feeling uncomplicatedly happy about something for once. :)

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Ugh forgive me for ranting but I really want to yell to somebody and I can't do it in this house.

My parents got a blue light to put outside our house, apparently this is a thing people are doing now "in support of the police." Because you know the police are the people who need support right now, not the families and communities of the people they've killed who will never ever receive justice for them because our system is so flawed that the police can literally get away with murder.

I just . . . I really hope they're just badly misinformed because the mainstream media reporting has been so one-sided and shady and not being willfully horrible (and, you know, racist). My mother is generally, or at any rate used to be, a very liberal, progressive person politically, but my sister's Virginia Good Ole Boy husband is a cop, and ever since they got married I've noticed my mother's attitudes shifting to accommodate him and I find that really upsetting. She keeps saying things like "Well, we can't know what it would be like to be in Clint's position, to make the kinds of decisions a police officer has to make." You know, the decisions police have made to shoot unarmed teenagers, on several occasions.

When I expressed my disapproval of the light she said, smiling dismissively at me, that it was "to show that there are good police officers, and we're supporting the good ones," but you can't express that much sentiment in such a simple symbol. Knowing one good cop doesn't mean that atrocities haven't been committed by other cops, and moving attention to the support of "good cops" just feels like a way of ignoring the corrupt ones and the things that they've done, and refusing to address the problem. When you make a gesture like that, you're taking sides, and the way things are right now the two sides to take are either in support of ALL the police or in support of the people they've wronged, and it looks like the rest of my family has come down on the wrong side.

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My FFX Let's Play resumes!

I had a really long tangent written about the Phantom of the Opera parallels and then realized that I had gone into wayyyyy too much detail and probably nobody would care so I ended up cutting the entire thing. But deep in my heart, I am still thinking musical theater thoughts about this game.

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I was going to post this on tumblr a little while ago because I thought AuronLu might enjoy it since she liked the other video I posted of the arrangement of "Bad Apple" with traditional Japanese instruments. (Same arranger and shamisen player as this one.)

Then all of a sudden, several months after I had posted it, that video suddenly went viral and while that sounds great, it pretty much ruined my tumblr experience for a solid week by flooding my dashboard with notes. (It has over 16,000 now and still going.) I installed an xkit widget to hide them but it takes a few seconds to kick in and doesn't work on mobile. I don't know how actual tumblr-famous people manage to use tumblr.

I didn't want that to happen again, and then I remembered that Dreamwidth is a thing, so here it is. :)

(And after all that I didn't even get that many new followers because Touhou isn't the usual subject of my blog. :/)

In other news, I've started playing Final Fantasy VII, at last and in earnest. I'm really enjoying it now that I have time to actually sit down with it without distractions, which was part of the problem I had getting into it before. I'm keeping two save files, one for playing with my cousins, currently chronicling the adventures of "Cumulus," "Arm Gun Man," "Knockout," and "Aeristh," and another one that I am playing by myself without any gratuitous silliness. (I don't know what happened to the save file we had where everyone was named after fresh produce, but there was one. If I ever do a second playthrough, all "let's play this game properly" rules are off and Eggplant and friends will probably make a glorious return.)

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Hair Pets by DippyWerewolf on deviantART

This was really silly but it ended up being one of my favorite things I've ever drawn. There was some giggling on tumblr the other day about the tendency of Lulu's hair to move around like it's alive/some kind of eldritch horror and someone was like "LIL BABY SNAKES," which was the best possible explanation. I was entirely too entertained by this idea.

I like to imagine that everyone is so used to this that they forgot to warn Tidus in advance and he didn't know about them until they all reared over her shoulder and hissed at him for barging into the temple. And that they are very affectionate with Yuna, who pets and brushes them, even though snakes really don't need to be brushed.

Even if she didn't have Medusa hair I think this turned out really nicely too.

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(Look at me, posting this on time like some kind of organized person.)

We last left our heroes on the run from the law after Yuna’s little talk with Seymour ended a bit more fatally than either of them was expecting. Now that they’ve become public enemies #1-7, Yuna is worried about the feasibility of completing her pilgrimage, but Auron points out that summoners only need approval from the fayth, not the temples, Yevon be damned. Unfortunately, the fayth happen to be housed in temples of Yevon, so how they are planning to infiltrate Bevelle to get Bahamut is a mystery.
Sin, in a rare moment of tranquility from the fayth’s singing (apparently part of the process of becoming a fayth is classical opera training?) helpfully picks up his son and friends and deposits them gently out of harm’s way, in the oasis on Bikanel Island.

Or at least he gently deposits Tidus; the rest of them seem to have just been dropped in the desert for all I can tell.

(Read the rest here.)

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In which Seymour's bachelor party goes awry in the worst possible way and I continue to be the most negligent crossposter ever.

Last time we were on our way to rendezvous with Seymour at Old Meme Temple when Tromell showed up to isolate her from her guardians for reasons that were, I am sure, perfectly scrupulous. However, Kidnapping Attempt A was immediately countered by Kidnapping Attempt B from an Al Bhed motorcycle gang. Everybody jumps into the fray like it’s Christmas 1983 and Yuna is the last Cabbage Patch doll.
(Incidentally, Cabbage Patch Yuna would be the cutest thing.)

(Read more here)

I've been kind of neglecting my DW journal recently but everything that happens seems to happen on tumblr these days, and I don't really have anything interesting to share about my life. I've been trying to train myself to draw using on my bamboo tablet instead of a physical paper sketch first because I think that will make Guardian a lot easier. It's tricky but less difficult than I thought it would be. Having a blank computer image open is a lot more intimidating than a blank sheet of paper, but I'm starting to get the hang of it I think.

I did this a few days ago and I really like the way it came out:

Night Owl by DippyWerewolf on deviantART

(I'm still super lazy about backgrounds. There was going to be a bookshelf behind her and then I didn't want to draw it. So now there is just a wall.)

I also attempted a completely digital speedpainting for the first time too:

Out There by DippyWerewolf on deviantART

It ended up taking about five hours, which isn't exactly speedy, but that's a lot faster than it usually takes me to finish a piece. The no-lines approach was new for me too and kind of fun.

Anyway! There's a whole crowd of relatives here for Memorial Day and I really should go socialize but I've been stalling. :/
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I am consistently terrible at remembering to crosspost. Sorry for making you late to the party, anyone reading this from here.

We last left our friends at the Guado ancestral manor where Seymour, with his characteristic lack of romantic finesse, backed Yuna into a corner and proposed marriage. He’s not even pretending to hide his extreme shadiness anymore. (Not that he was making much of an attempt before.)

(Read more here)

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(I am super bad at remembering to crosspost, sorry anyone who's following this from here.)

Last time, Seymour and Yuna’s first date ended in disaster when a space whale slammed into the beach and murdered everyone. (Exactly as he was expecting.)
The adults are waiting around outside the temple for the lazy teenagers to get out of bed. If you talk to Lulu, she offers some inspiring commentary on their situation.

(Read more here)

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Last time we were on our way to Djose temple when we received an invitation from Yuna’s blue-haired creeper admirer to come . . . watch a catastrophic battle with him. Spirans are kind of bad at dating.

Before I start in this episode to get into the subtle nuances of why Seymour and Yuna’s relationship is so disturbing, I want to pause for a moment and examine Yuna’s character design in greater depth. (Which is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now but now is a good time for it.)
Let’s have a look at this cutieface.

(Read more here)

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Chapter Two

The halls of the temple were a maze of dim and twisting passageways, very alike and none of them familiar to Lulu. It was only with some difficulty that she managed to follow the directions she had been given to find the girls’ dormitory. The walls were stone, and seemed very old, older even than the walls of the forgotten temple in the village that had been her home. She supposed they had stood for a thousand years or more, maybe even since before the Machina War long ago.


Read more... )



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So I decided out of the blue to start playing Final Fantasy VI tonight.

Almost immediately got overexcited, knocked over a glass of water.  Fortunately it wasn't entirely full so the only casualties this time were two stacks of post-its rather than my computer. I should probably start drinking out of a sippy cup when I'm at the computer good grief.

At any rate I'm looking forward to this game! (And being able to read AuronLu's Let's Play of it.) From what I've heard it's one of the best in the series.

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The FFX Let's Play is moving to Blogspot!

It looks a lot more user-friendly now and it can handle all the images! Hooray!

I also revised some of the entries with a few new insights and to include some commentary that came up in the comments (including Doge Waffles).  I'll continue to use my DW journal for DW purposes, though.

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Well fluff. The 10GB of photobucket bandwidth that was supposed to last for an entire month ended up being chewed through by my FFX playthrough in TWO DAYS. I didn't realize I was so popular!

So over the next few days I'm going to be moving the Let's Play to its own site to accommodate the increase in traffic, and hopefully encourage more conversation. I'll still continue to use DW as a personal/art journal, and the old entries will remain here, although you may or may not be able to see the pictures. I will let you know the new address when it's ready!
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 photo ffxplaythroughtitle_zps3809a38b.png

And we’re back! (Sorry for the delay; I’ve been stupidly busy recently.)

Also I hit my photobucket bandwidth limit again. Since I don’t think anyone is reading this on lj, I’m going to try not crossposting it there anymore and see if that helps. If not I may have to find another file hosting site but I haven’t found one yet that allows multiple uploads as easily as photobucket does.

Last time we got pummeled by everything with a pulse along the Mi’ihen Highroad (and by some things without one) but managed to make it to the Travel Agency in one piece. There’s no rest for the weary, though, since a giant . . . something . . . has just landed on the roof.

Here we go again )

Next time: This will not end well.
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Kicking off the second chapter in the same place the first one began.

I'm planning to keep returning to this pivotal scene in between chapters but doing so makes the change in my art style readily apparent, haha. I only started about eighteen months ago but I think the early pages are pretty embarrassing to look at already. (I don't know at what point it becomes obvious that I had NO IDEA what I was doing when I started out. The inception of this project was very sudden.) Who knows what it will look like at the end of this chapter.

Technically the beginning was last week, when I posted the cover:

Guardian: Part Two Title Page by DippyWerewolf on deviantART

In the beginning I thought it would be nice to have real-media covers and decided impulsively I should get some use out of the lovely watercolor pencil set I had been given but never used because I didn't know how. They are really nice pencils but frankly I still have no idea how to use them properly. (It is on my list of goals for this year.) But since I did it for the first chapter I had to keep it up.

I really prefer traditional media to digital for coloring but I usually don't have time and also my scanner frustrating refuses to pick up certain colors so it never makes it to the computer true-to-life. Sigh.

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