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(Look at me, posting this on time like some kind of organized person.)

We last left our heroes on the run from the law after Yuna’s little talk with Seymour ended a bit more fatally than either of them was expecting. Now that they’ve become public enemies #1-7, Yuna is worried about the feasibility of completing her pilgrimage, but Auron points out that summoners only need approval from the fayth, not the temples, Yevon be damned. Unfortunately, the fayth happen to be housed in temples of Yevon, so how they are planning to infiltrate Bevelle to get Bahamut is a mystery.
Sin, in a rare moment of tranquility from the fayth’s singing (apparently part of the process of becoming a fayth is classical opera training?) helpfully picks up his son and friends and deposits them gently out of harm’s way, in the oasis on Bikanel Island.

Or at least he gently deposits Tidus; the rest of them seem to have just been dropped in the desert for all I can tell.

(Read the rest here.)

Date: 2014-06-08 11:26 pm (UTC)
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IMO Auron doesn't tell Tidus because he wants Tidus and Yuna to fall in love - so that Tidus is more inspired to save her. Being told from the start that Yuna is destined to die could quench Tidus's ardor. Auron is acting on orders that he doesn't understand, after all, so getting Tidus emotionally involved in the world is to their benefit.

Also - Keyakku is one of Rikku's brothers. [And Tidus can go thru his pockets - search the body - and find potions; just like waaay back on the ship when Keyakku gave Tidus potions then, before Tidus went swimming to search for the sunken airship.]

[apologies if this was double posted - my account would not show that my reply posted successfully, so I posted it here.]

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