Aug. 26th, 2017

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So I recently started playing Slime Rancher, because (mainly owing to the inexplicable reputation of Sassy Flan and my association with it) it seemed like the thing for me to do and I'd been looking forward to it graduating from early access, which it did this month. Now I can finally achieve my destiny as master of the Sass Ranch.

But honestly this game is the goshdarn cutest thing I've seen in a long time. Everything is so bright and squishy and friendly-looking and the slime designs are really, really endearing. The basic gameplay premise is that you - the heroine, Beatrix LeBeau - have traveled to an alien planet populated by slimes, and you make a living by exploring and collecting them and raising them on your ranch. (On a side note I really appreciate that the protagonist is a woman of color! Especially since the developers didn't have to make her look like anything at all; the game is almost entirely in first-person and they could have easily avoided some whiny backlash - which they are unfortunately getting from what I've seen, although hearteningly most players seem to really like her design!  - by going the faceless protagonist route and leaving unimaginative dudebros to picture themselves as yet another white, male, grizzled space marine or something. I like the deliberate push for diversity.)

These are my prized Tabby/Phosphor Slime hybrids. They eat fruit and bounce around and meow and are adorable.

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More Slimy Cuteness Under Here )More Slimy Cuteness Under Here )

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