May. 4th, 2015

mintywolf: (fus ro yuna)
I was in a bad mood today and made a little tumblr post complaining about followers who are only following to glean content for their own blogs rather than interacting socially with the poster, which is one of my biggest tumblr pet peeves. It cost me four followers, and good riddance. I bet they were all blog scrapers. *throws a rock*

I'm going to start posting on DW more often. (Rather than just whining about how nobody uses DW anymore.)

Earlier today I had the windows open and heard a caterwauling that sounded like it was coming from outside. With a sense of "Ohhh no," I counted cats, and only found two. Out in the backyard I saw the cutest fluffy orange and white cat just browsing around casually among the violets, and James flattened down in the grass making the most godawful racket trying to scare it off. (He takes his job of guarding the homestead very seriously, but he's not very good at it.) The other cat was unimpressed.

I opened the back door to shoo the stranger cat away just in case of a turf war. James had his back to me and didn't see me, but the other cat took off right away, and he was SO PROUD of himself for having scared off the intruder. I grabbed him and brought him back inside before he could start chasing it and he strutted around for a while looking very pleased.

Then he got a bit too confident and tried to make a bid for Top Cat by swatting at Chloe, the reigning tiny tyrant, and she was similarly unimpressed. (And she is, at this moment, yelling at me to surrender my her desk chair, so I suppose it is time for bed.)

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