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Or why I was super suspicious of Lulu at first. With bonus feminist theory analysis.

I mentioned earlier that this needed some extra backstory )

This is not even the first time I have sat down at my computer intending to do something else and ended up writing an essay about Lulu.
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Well, Quiltpocalypse Weekend is upon us! Things actually went a lot more smoothly than expected, but then again, I was expecting chaos. I got six blocks done today, which leaves me only three more to go. (And then I have to do the backing, and binding, and then the actual quilting itself.)

 photo 9blockssmall_zps9e6f3825.jpg

My sisters actually finished the fronts of their quilts today:

 photo Katysmall_zpsef96a0fa.jpg  photo Laurasmall_zpsdd17b7d5.jpg

(Seen here with miscellaneous pets.)

At some point we ended up in a conversation about "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," and about how it is basically about him being mopey because he is getting old and disillusioned and women don't pay him much attention anymore. (Probably, one of my sisters posited, because he is no longer a hot young stud and, being English, has bad teeth. This on top of the early twentieth-century casual misogyny and racism, it's no wonder the ladies in the room prefer to come and go, talking of Michelangelo.) But it has some nice imagery.

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