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And we’re back! (Sorry for the delay; I’ve been stupidly busy recently.)

Also I hit my photobucket bandwidth limit again. Since I don’t think anyone is reading this on lj, I’m going to try not crossposting it there anymore and see if that helps. If not I may have to find another file hosting site but I haven’t found one yet that allows multiple uploads as easily as photobucket does.

Last time we got pummeled by everything with a pulse along the Mi’ihen Highroad (and by some things without one) but managed to make it to the Travel Agency in one piece. There’s no rest for the weary, though, since a giant . . . something . . . has just landed on the roof.

Here we go again )

Next time: This will not end well.
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I stayed up until four in the morning working on this because I wanted to get it done last night.  (Knowing I'd have to get back to work on Guardian today and I wouldn't have time.)  Surely this was the responsible thing to do, haha.  I actually prefer working on art late at night though.  It was really peaceful sitting at my computer in the dark, nobody else awake, painting in all those blues.

But ughhhh it wasn't worth it.  I had someone ask me yesterday how to get her work more attention and my first inclination was to be like "Haha sorry you have come to the WRONG PERSON for advice on that."  *facedesk*  Keep trying, I suppose.

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Chapter One

Lulu at last waded out of sleep, struggling to shake off the last filmy tendrils of the dream that had been clinging to her like the fronds of underwater plants. It seemed as though a long time had passed since she had last been fully awake. For what had felt like days she had been lying like an exhausted swimmer cast onto an unfamiliar shore as a swirl of fever dreams, muddled with a dim half-wakefulness, had lapped over her in waves.



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Sooooo against all reason and better judgement, I started writing a thing.  Not as a NaNo project but I did start it at the end of November. I haven't decided whether to post it on DeviantArt (allows images and artist's notes, bad for chaptered fics), ffn (I don't think it allows images, but I haven't been back there in years so I'm not sure, and around the time that I left author's notes were no longer allowed), or A03 (I've never been there and don't know anything about it) so I am starting off here.  But if anyone can recommend one of those as a more official home I will listen.

This came about as a mash-together of some unused plot arcs I wanted to but couldn't fit into Guardian, of which it is kind of a doom spinoff but you don't need to have read it, and an AU that occurred to me while I was doing the writeup for my Let's Play.  What would have happened to Yuna -- and everyone else -- if Braska had failed to defeat Sin?  What if she had grown up not as the beloved daughter of the High Summoner but known only as the child of the heretic summoner and an Al Bhed?

((Spoilers for the thing you are about to read that looked stupid stuck at the bottom of the page so scroll ahead and come back afterwards if you want: The design for the Lulubeast, Yuna's Final Aeon, was the very first piece of FFX fanart I ever drew way back in like 2008 after or near the end of the first time I played it.  When Lulu volunteered to become Yuna's aeon I got SUPER EXCITED, and, in the space that it takes anyone to respond during that scene, my mind had raced ahead envisioning an outcome where these two women go off, leaving the rest of the party behind, save the world, and die together after one of them becomes a giant monster.  I had a feeling that that wasn't going to happen, but I got really excited about it in the approximately three seconds I had before the scene continued.  I've never posted that picture anywhere but it is still my favorite thing I've ever drawn, for anything.  When I started writing Guardian I decided I should probably come up with a less monstery design, went through a few more humanlike concepts, and then decided fluff that, Lulubeast it is. You still can't quite see her clearly, and she probably won't be coming around again needing a full description until late in the story, but in the end I had to decide between not wanting to reveal it until its proper place in Guardian and wanting a dramatic opening here.))

Anyway, here's the beginning of a thing.

The Heretic’s Daughter



The execution was not scheduled to take place until midmorning, but a crowd had been gathering on the steps of the Palace of St. Bevelle since dawn. It was composed of a diverse assortment of clergy, off-duty warrior monks, and ordinary civilians, from the bent elderly with joints aching from the long wait to fidgety children perched on the shoulders of their parents to get a better look. Most of them were citizens of Bevelle, but some had come from as far away from Besaid. Everyone was eager to see Yevon’s most hated enemy, apart from Sin itself – of course – brought to justice.


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Hello again!

Last time we won the Chappu Memorial Cup blitzball tournament, bringing victory to Besaid for the first time in 23 years, only to have our triumph overshadowed by a pointy-haired attention hoarder and his giant hellbeast. Afterwards we picked up a blade-toting ghost hitchhiker, because apparently creepypasta is not a thing in Spira.

So on we go. )

Next time: a horrible beastie! Will we be able to avoid being pushed off the cliff? (Probably not.)
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This thing must be more popular than I thought because I managed to run up against my 10GB bandwidth limit for photobucket. Granted, I have a lot of pictures, but that is a lot of bandwidth to burn up. I also realized it is probably time to move on from photobucket, because really the only reason I was staying was because I’d been using it for like ten years and it was pretty much the only option at the time. Can anyone recommend a good image host?

So last time we made our way to Luca, Blitzball capital of Spira, where Waffles made a fool of himself in front of several cameras, met a blue-haired creeper, misplaced Yuna, found Yuna, and managed not to play any blitzball.

How does he swim in those yellow boots anyway? )

Next time: little talks.
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On the way back to the docks I had Tidus attempt to take down a killer bee that had only 1 hp left and be nagged by Lulu when he missed. Then I pressed the wrong key and had her attack it with her mog rather than casting a spell and she missed it too. And nagged herself.

On we go. )

Next time: Sketchy guys! Horrifying monsters! Prodigious badassery! And blitzball.
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Hello again! When we last left Waffles and Friends we had said goodbye to Besaid and set off on our way to Luca for the big blitzball tournament. But first we have to swing by Kilika for an aeon, space whale tragedy, and one very pretty cutscene.

Ten minutes into the voyage and Tidus is already bored. )

Next time: Will we finally get to Luca?
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Hello again! When we last left Waffles he had just charged into the cryptic recesses of the Cloister of Trials with all the reserve of a feral chocobo. And this is why we love him.

One brief sphere puzzle later )

Next time: I will try to pick up the pace, haha. We just met a bunch of my favorite characters so I got a little starry-eyed there.

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