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And we’re back! (Sorry for the delay; I’ve been stupidly busy recently.)

Also I hit my photobucket bandwidth limit again. Since I don’t think anyone is reading this on lj, I’m going to try not crossposting it there anymore and see if that helps. If not I may have to find another file hosting site but I haven’t found one yet that allows multiple uploads as easily as photobucket does.

Last time we got pummeled by everything with a pulse along the Mi’ihen Highroad (and by some things without one) but managed to make it to the Travel Agency in one piece. There’s no rest for the weary, though, since a giant . . . something . . . has just landed on the roof.

Here we go again )

Next time: This will not end well.
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Hello again!

Last time we won the Chappu Memorial Cup blitzball tournament, bringing victory to Besaid for the first time in 23 years, only to have our triumph overshadowed by a pointy-haired attention hoarder and his giant hellbeast. Afterwards we picked up a blade-toting ghost hitchhiker, because apparently creepypasta is not a thing in Spira.

So on we go. )

Next time: a horrible beastie! Will we be able to avoid being pushed off the cliff? (Probably not.)
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This thing must be more popular than I thought because I managed to run up against my 10GB bandwidth limit for photobucket. Granted, I have a lot of pictures, but that is a lot of bandwidth to burn up. I also realized it is probably time to move on from photobucket, because really the only reason I was staying was because I’d been using it for like ten years and it was pretty much the only option at the time. Can anyone recommend a good image host?

So last time we made our way to Luca, Blitzball capital of Spira, where Waffles made a fool of himself in front of several cameras, met a blue-haired creeper, misplaced Yuna, found Yuna, and managed not to play any blitzball.

How does he swim in those yellow boots anyway? )

Next time: little talks.
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I’ve been wanting to replay FFX again, and considered waiting for the HD rerelease, but 1. Nobody knows the release date for that yet and 2. I don’t have a PS3 or much hope for obtaining one in the future so I decided to go ahead. Many thanks to maclaniaspring, Livvy, and Auronlu for helping me get set up!

This is my most favorite game of all time, so I have a lot to say about it. If you’re reading this, I’m going to assume you’ve played it, but I'm doing a fairly detailed recap in case it's been awhile. Also, there WILL be spoilers. One of this game's favorite storytelling devices is foreshadowing future bombshells way in advance, and I'll be discussing major plot elements when they're hinted at early, before they're actually revealed, so we can see how long and intricately woven the threads of the plot are. I’ll be providing my own observations, insights, and analysis with a focus on some characters and relationships that I feel are often overlooked. (Specifically Lulu, Lulu and Yuna, Seymour and Yuna, and Kimahri because I don’t know how everyone manages to ignore the big blue lion in the room, but even the game does this most of the time.) That doesn’t mean I’ll be leaving everybody else out though.

I will also be attempting something I’ve been wanting to do for a while but I’m not sure how feasible it is: a sphere grid swap! This basically entails doing a no sphere grid run until I have a bunch of level 1 key spheres. Then everyone breaks into Kimahri’s sphere grid and out into each other’s, resulting in Auron becoming a deft and nimble thief, Tidus wielding black magic, Lulu commanding an army of unstoppable samurai plush, etc. It’s gonna be awesome.

I’m going to be posting to Dreamwidth to allow for any discussion, but that gets crossposted to LJ, and I will be linking to tumblr. I’ll keep comments open so you can reply even if you don’t have an account. And of course feel free to message me in any of these places if you have something to say. :)

Onward to Zanarkand! )

Next time: Waffles makes a bad impression on everyone he meets at Baaj Temple (including a passing seagull).

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